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We recommend some services and products on this site from which we earn a commission. However, that only occurs when you click on one of our affiliate links (you can find more information on affiliate marketing here) and actually purchase the following web hosting services and website builders that are listed on our site:

How Our Service Works

We created a comprehensive rating system that helps us maintain the highest quality of our dating reviews. Our evaluations are based on the following criteria:
1. Trustworthiness
We always avoid dating services with unreliable security policies and fake profiles. If the agency fails to provide reliable security measures to prevent fakes and scammers, we cannot let it appear on our platform.
2. Women’s profiles
We carefully check whether a particular dating service hosts real users. We also pay a lot of attention to profiles. If profile pictures seem too beautiful as if they were taken from the image bank on the internet, it is a clear sign of scam. We always avoid such dating agencies. Real people tend to publish natural, authentic images in various environments.
3. Communication Features
Trustworthy agencies that provide top services always ensure plenty of communication and entertainment features suitable for everyone. They offer such means of interaction as live chats, video shows, live streams, gift exchange, etc. If the service fails to provide the following features, we will not consider it worthy of being a part of our rating.
4. Design and Interface
We understand that appearance matters a lot not only to please the eye but also to accurately evaluate dating services. That is why the quality of the website design and usability of the interface play a crucial role in our examination of dating services. We always select the services with the most convenient and functional interface and design that meets all industry standards.
5. Pricing Policies
A free or low-cost dating agency does not and cannot provide you with top services. It is always suspicious and will likely turn out to be a scam. A reliable platform has to be connected with plenty of additional services and spend money on promotion, hardware maintenance, and digital security. We take into account dating agencies with either membership plans or payments for separate actions on the website. We aim to provide an accurate evaluation of prices to ensure they meet the quality of provided services.
6. Safety Measures
Our team always examines the safety measures on each dating platform. Advanced SSL encryption ensures the safety of financial data and allows you to purchase a membership or pay for separate services safely.
7. Customer Service
A reliable and responsive customer support team is vital when it comes to virtual dating. You have to be sure that you can resolve an urgent issue anytime. We understand how crucial time is and include in our rating only those services that can provide you with a helpful customer support team available 24/7.

How we Earn Money

A commission from various agencies is or primary source of income. It helps us develop and improve our project as well as provide you with high-quality reviews. We carefully analyze the leading brands in the industry to select the best ones of them to ensure you will benefit from a seamless and comfortable dating experience.

Why do we Cooperate with Brands?

Our service operates as a business in the first place. The affiliation helps our service remain competitive and allows us to create relevant reviews with the most accurate information.

Does the Commission Impact our Ratings and Reviews?

The commission influences neither the quality nor the accuracy and objectiveness of our reviews. It is because we start cooperation with the brands after they prove their excellent performance. We display them in our ratings after they are examined and proven to be trustworthy. Due to this, we remain independent.

Why Do We Share This With You?

Transparency is a key aspect of our service. We strive to be honest with you in every detail about dating agencies and our platform. We do not tolerate cheating in all forms because we sincerely appreciate and respect our users.

Does it Cost you Extra Cash?

No, affiliation does not impact the established price of any dating service.

Why we Conduct our Business

Our mission is simple: we want to help you find your soulmate. You will find a partner online with ease only if you address reliable dating agencies. That is why we are here to provide you with accurate and independent dating reviews. We believe our services will help you meet your love no matter whether you are an experienced user or a newbie in the dating niche.